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Jenn’s Apartment is an American rock band from Lansing, Michigan formed in 2014. The band is composed of founding member, lead vocalist, and guitarist Roy Kirby, bassist Chris Davis, and drummer Justin Pine. Releasing nine studio albums to date, they are known for their energetic and tight live shows, along with their tuneful, instantly memorable songs, big smiles, and friendly attitudes. Their guitar-driven sound would fit right at home on 90's alternative radio or the early 2000's Warped Tour while still sounding uniquely themselves. Anchored by former Michigan State drumline alum Justin Pine's tight, energetic drumming, Chris Davis' raw, active bass lines, and separated from the pop-punk pack by songwriter Roy Kirby's lyrics about drug dealing, divorce, and didactic messages.

The hardest working band in Lansing, Jenn's Apartment embraces DIY aesthetics to the fullest, building their own studio and doing everything they do on their own terms.