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MOTHER. DAUGHTER. SISTER. AUNTY. SINGER. SONGWRITER. FIRST NATIONS. CENTRAL COAST NSW. The Spice Girls, The Fugees, TLC, Shania Twain, Natalie Imbruglia, Mariah Carey, The Cardigans… Tessa Thames’ Dad ran a karaoke business in the 90’s where she operated as a ‘warm up’ of sorts, taking the mic first with the hopes of encouraging others to follow suit. It was a delicate balancing act: being good enough to entertain whilst trying not to intimidate punters. Through this, Tessa cultivated her love of music and song-writing, absorbing her dearly held ‘Top Of The Pops’ 90’s nostalgia like a sponge. Now she’s squeezing it all out as something of her own. Not long after the release of singles “Milk” and “50k Carat”, she racked up streams on Spotify and made her way onto Triple J, Double J, 4ZZZ, 3RRR, Radio Adelaide, 2SER, FBi Radio, SYN FM and many more. Now comes the brand new track from Tessa Thames, “Alone at Parties”. Alone at Parties is an undeniable pop groove about Tessa Thames finding her stride and letting her hair down, showing her melodic prowess and ability to set a mood. Tessa is continuing to master the art of bedroom pop that goes ahead and blows the windows out as she coyly navigates her way through chilled out, too-cool-for-school verses before propping you up with choruses and breakdowns that are an act of defiance. Alone at Parties is out April 16.