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Tomas Karlsson is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, composer/ songwriter and poet. His music is very eclectic and polystylistic. He likes to just let every tune itself fall into whatever genre/ style it likes to – and that usually happens quite naturally. He likes making instrumental music the most because he thinks that the absence of vocals/ lyrics leaves more to the listener's imagination – everyone can see his/ her own pictures. His first CD, “Zen Guitar Songs”, was released in 2015. Currently he is working on releasing his second CD, that will feature instrumental progressive and naïve "jazz"/ improvisation music. Tomas has a musical history of over 40 years of playing in a lot of ensembles. He plays many different instruments, including guitars, electric bass and keyboards. He has studied a lot of music theory and composition on his own and also online at Berklee College of Music. When recording and performing his own music he relies heavily on guitarist Tom Forsman, pianist Mats Granfors, bassists Kenneth Nordman and Stefan "Kilju" Lindblom and drummers Stefan Brokvist and Oskar Nilsson. They are top notch pro players and at the same time very good old friends of his. Tomas doesn't imitate when he writes music. The music he writes is much more inspired by other things than other people's music – he is inspired by visual arts, literature, feelings, films, humor, cats, nature, people, thinking, traveling, philosophy and - strangely enough - silence...