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High-flying charismatic power rock, influenced by the great bands of the 1970s and 80s. The Riven plays honest Rock & Roll that makes you wanna shake your fist and bang your head while taking you on a journey through their sonic landscape. The Riven is an electrifying powerhouse - pure and heavy. Classic Rock for the 21st Century.

The Riven had their blast off on the 1st of March 2019 when the band released their self titled debut album on The Sign Records with a world wide distribution. The band that started out in London, to later relocate to Sweden, made their way down to Madrid to record with Ola Ersfjord (Lucifer, Tribulation, Dead Lord) at Holy Cuervo Studios. “Glowingly performed and with a clear direction towards future great deeds. You can’t ask for more from this fully-fledged debut album” Sweden Rock Magazine. The album, containing nine tracks, has further developed the bands sound, with a direct approach to rock as well as giving space to the bands progressive and psychedelic side. The album has received great reviews and in the autumn of 2019 the album got a South American release through the Brazilian label Hellion Records. It all began when the modern vagabonds of the western world, singer Totta Ekebergh, guitarist Arnau Diaz and bass player Max Ternebring started the band in 2016 when they were living together in West London. With this sweet trio on the move they got the drummer Olof Axegärd to join the band.