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Formed in 2015, Berlin-based duo Evvol released their debut album ‘Eternalism’ via !K7 Records in the summer of 2015. Blending textured, atmospheric guitars, ominous synths, vicious beats and layered glacier vocals, debut full-length ‘Eternalism’ was the sound of commercial pop fused with arty electronica, dripping with industrial charm and evoking Berlin’s seedy underbelly. It quickly won them a dedicated fan base, selling out debut shows in Berlin and London. Following a string of European gigs the pair went back to their studio and returned with the wonderfully atmospheric and deeply personal ‘Physical L.U.V’ EP. The title track was given the deluxe remix treatment it deserves, with cuts from Panorama Bar’s first lady and Ostgut Records mainstay Steffi, and her fellow Klakson Records head-honcho Dexter. The pair find themselves increasingly representing and digesting the world around them through their song, as such social topics of the day find their way into the music. They are the backdrop to the fantasy journeys they narrate, and the catalyst for the hedonistic escapism declared through the sweaty drenched beats. Positioned clearly in the now, its music for contemplation, exorcism, and hedonistic abandon.