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Your Neighborhood Songwriter, Kilough (Ky-low), is an Americana artist currently based in Atlanta. Kilough’s goal as an artist is to create authentic music that others will relate to and connect with. Her upcoming single (releasing June 4th, 2021), “Miles & Months", is no exception. "Miles & Months" is a timeless love song, an instant classic that is full of heart. Stemming from her own experience, Kilough hopes listeners will hear a little of themselves in her song. Born in the Midwest, raised in the South, and currently in transition to Nashville, Kilough’s life and music have taken her across America. She has performed live shows in New York City, Boston, and Rhode Island, where her clear voice captivated audiences. She released her debut EP, Latitude, in 2019 with a lively and upbeat show in Boston. At the end of the day, though, Kilough is Your Neighborhood Songwriter who writes songs that feel like home.