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My name is Ștefan, I'm 40 and I'm a Romanian artist living in Dublin, Ireland. Analogue Soul Digital World is the story of an unlikely adventure I wasn't expecting but I'm glad I accepted. Lockdown and Covid-19 killed any hope for live music during 2020 (and the first part of 2021 as well). All I could do was stay indoors and remember the good-old-days when one could head out to catch a gig. Music is an important part of my life and I have to admit it: I wasn't in a very good place. Squirrelled away from the virus that changed our lives so profoundly in 2020, I found myself back in front of a computer, with a strong desire to make music. Luckily, music has always been a way to explore my dark corners, to share my feelings and my thoughts in a way other people could understand, accept and/or embrace. Emotions spoke to me and I took the time to write everything down, to assemble the words I heard and felt into something that could be labelled (generously) as poetry. The concept for the execution is simple: no fancy paint jobs, just music I wrote, assembled and edited by myself, in my room. The results? "Hard Drive to Hard Drive" is a purely instrumental adventure, while "Open Secrets" is carefully balancing music and spoken word, trying its best to let you know who I am and what I feel today.