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Can you hear the waves he’s making? From atop verdant mountains looking down on a surfer’s paradise to home of the popular song born by the river. Eli Smart’s passion for melody and love of all things lo-fi has seen him journey from Kauai to the banks of the river Mersey; a wanderlust that serves only music: a music that exults the power of the elements. But there’s nothing too flashy here, just a 21 year old kid in his prime and in hock to these surroundings, raw beauty amplified in song, made real through the craft of songwriting, a drum kit, a bass and a rhythm guitar. 
 Eli Smart makes Aloha Soul and he’d love you to hear it. He was raised on a diet of Beck, Bobby Womack, Jorge Ben Jor, Gladys Knight, the Beatles and Prince. He came across these records whilst working in Hanalei Strings, his family's guitar and record store in Hawaii where he got paid in vinyl. His new EP Boonie Town is out everywhere now! 
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