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Having travelled the breadth of the globe as the acclaimed collective The Young Folk, Anthony Furey and Paul Butler continue their musical journey under the name Elgin, with their brand new single ‘Cherry Picked’, a beautiful atmospheric indie-folk track which incorporates lush guitars and synths alongside a bold brass section and decadent vocal harmonies to create a vast and expansive sound. Elgin is a natural progression and represents a new direction for the band. Whilst still centered around the key contributing members of The Young Folk, Elgin gives them the freedom to play different instruments, to untangle themselves from the steady rotation of band members and get back to the simplicity of a duo, just like in was in the beginning. “You can be any age with it,” says Antony. “And you can play in any style you like and write lyrics about any subject under the sun.” ‘Cherry Picked’ is the first taste of a wider body of work from Elgin due out later this year. Their music is heartfelt and considered, building on their folk roots with new broad instrumentation and a rich tapestry of electronics to deliver something both simple and epic, but most importantly, true.