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Born a music aficionado, Ladibree is Briana Connor or "just Bree", a rapper, songwriter, producer, and occasional singer from Staten Island, NY. After realizing her ability to rap at her childhood summer camp and receiving a drum pad, she decided to focus her musical talents on rap and hip hop. Having been on stage since the age of 3 as a dancer, she found herself no stranger to the spotlight and made the transition from performing at dance recitals to performing her self-written lyrics as a full-on rap artist at 10 years young. She released her first mixtape in 2017 and gained opportunities to open shows for artists such as Raury and Bryce Vine. While studying abroad in Japan during the Spring of 2019, Ladibree released an EP titled “Only Everything” using the project to create buzz for herself as an international artist, performing at different events and venues most notably the popular “Tokyo Love Hotels” penthouse party in Harajuku. Now a senior at the University of Notre Dame, she is focused on making good music, experimenting with different sounds, while also performing and perfecting her craft. Influenced by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, James Blake, Jay Z, Drake, and J. Cole, among many others, for her being boxed in is not an option. She's here to create and share her talent and high-octane energy with the world.