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Gallospole, aka Marc A. Gallo, is a political satirist incorporating music, sketches and animation. He enjoys peddling conspiracy theories, alt realities and alternative facts inspired by the daily fodder in our society today or, what he coins, “the real, surreal and the un-fucking-real”. Featuring notable productions like the political allegory TARAC WIPPP, an acronym for The American Right for Adequate Chair Width in Public and Private Places, with their corporate sponsor, Machiavelli Funeral Homes, where our best customer is a dead customer, Gallospole pushes the absurd to the extreme and turns conventional wisdom on its head. This project includes some of the best creative talent including Bryan Ramona; voice actor, David Ivory; Grammy-nominated producer & engineer, Prawnimation; a premier London-based animation studio, Chico Huff; bassist, Vic Stevens; drummer and percussionist and many others. Get the latest updates at