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Born in Switzerland and raised in Italy, Stemin is an award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, and performer based in Amsterdam. 
 Stemin’s album, #tellyourheart was released in August 2020. The album has a contemporary RnB and soul feel, both in the song-writing and production style (in part directed by the renowned Australian, electronic music producer, Nick Thayer) - and was featured by a number of pre-release singles. The first single Closer released on June 16th, was followed by a completely unexpected success. The second single Better Than Wine set the beginning of a collaboration with Xander Milne, the UK based DJ. The album includes different music styles, reflecting Stemin's journey and influences: from Soul to RnB, from Pop to Funk as well as featuring Lorena Ávila

on the track Non Mi Lasciare. 
 Stemin strongly hopes that #tellyourheart becomes one in a series of musical messages to people. It’s easy to become trapped in life, but there is always a way out. He tries to be a living example of this. He wishes for his journey to empower others: 
 ‘Life is not about being told you are one thing and not another, or being put in a box. You can be many things and to many people - and I hope my experiences allows others to realize the same, whether now, or in time.’