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Yes, here we go again. It has been the same story for each of us. After having been part of the german hardcore scene for about 20 years, life hit us: work, family, children. Bang! But should that really be the end of our music career? No way! We are back to making music, and we are ready to sell our souls for it. We are no longer youngsters. But don ́t worry, we can deal with that. It has been quite good actually. And we are not just nobody. We played in bands like Disresprect, Devil Inside, Alithia, CrossCut and Make it Count – back then calling them our homes. It’s obvious that we love the 90s. Our line-up is still young. BSD was formed up in May 2016. But we knew each other for years and have been playing together on festivals, concerts and recording split albums and so on. Meanwhile, we share something else: we are all fathers now and close like a family.

And we make music. Our music. members: Devrim (Vox), Maze (Git), Frank (Git), Zimmse (Bass), Theo (Drums)