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Roaring guitars, 8-bit chiptunes, heavy metal, 80’s, big orchestras, emotional and intimate soundtracks, weird experimental stuff... Is exactly what SonicPicnic is all about! Also, they are electronic music gear-junkies. SonicPicnic is a team of 5 composers and sound designers, who have composed music for a multitude of award-winning games, multimedia projects, television shows, documentaries and commercials. There is a long range of tunes to be discovered, and the list of available songs and albums will be updated regularly. Go have a listen! They composed over a 100 songs, character themes, and killing-spree tunes for the game ‘Awesomenauts’ by Ronimo Games, which was a huge online success over the last decade. SonicPicnic operates from their studios in Utrecht and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Find them online: