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BOOMTOWNfestival Ghent about MEK: 'MEK... a squeaking door into another universe. He turns mystery into a trademark sound and create an atmosphere which is 'dreamy', to say the least. MEK has a profound love for the intricate simplicity of DIY. He manufactures atmospheric soundscapes from scratch, sending them straight to you.' RifRafMusiczine, pointing out MEK: Few biographical details can be found about MEK when scouring the internet but the song Utoreen and the videoclip in which an anonymous man cycles the night-lit streets of Ghent speak for themselves: this is honest, homemade craftsmanship. The dreamy atmosphere, the samples and the cloud of voices featured in the enchanting Utoreen (an anagram for 'en route') show a great love for a DIY approach with a mysterious touch.