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Of all the bands that animated the French cold wave and industrial scene of the 1980s, Clair Obscur is certainly one of those whose influence was most vivid beyond the borders of France. Several of their records have been published by British labels like All the Madmen or Cathexis Recordings, and one of their act of glory is to be part of the compilation 'From Torture To Conscience' of the mythical label N.E.R. alongside with Current 93, In The Nursery or Death In June (1984). From Killing Joke to The Nits, from Le Cirque d’Hiver de Paris (1982) to the Wiener Festwochen (1991), the bands with which they played, and the venues and places that they performed are a fantastic testimony to the richness of this band which is so difficult to classify (...) | David Sanson, excerpt from the compilation 'Echo Location', Optical Sound, 2005