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The Bony King of Nowhere is the pseudonym of Belgian artist Bram Vanparys. He released his debut album ‘Alas my love’ to critical acclaim in 2009, which was followed by his second celebrated album ‘Eleonore’ in 2011. In the aftermath of ‘Eleonore’ he was asked to write the film score for the movie ‘Les Géants’, for which he was awarded by Les Magritte du Cinéma for best original soundtrack. 
 Vanparys released two more albums, of which 'Wild Flowers' was recorded with Ray LaMontagne's former live band, and slowly established himself as one of Belgium's most respected songwriters. Driven by the idea of never repeating himself, Vanparys started exploring new territories. In 2016 he bought a trailer and went living in the countryside to work on his new sound. A harsh winter and a tragic breakup with his wife set the mood for a new set of songs and Vanparys started recording again, both in his trailer and the studio.
 His fifth album ‘Silent Days’ was released in September 2018 on the Belgian indie label Unday Records. It was praised by the national press as The Bony King’s best album to date and several magazines and radio stations put ‘Silent Days’ in their ‘best of 2018’ list. Vanparys also won the Music Industry Award for ‘best author-composer’.