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I could hire others to write my Spotify bio and give a big a** sales pitch but I won't.. Instead I'mma do it myself. Who am I? Hi... I'm SHOKO. An independent R&B-pop artist, and what you WON'T find here is another "star rose to fame overnight" kind of story.

You see... I came from a "education is the only way in life" kind of household. Yeah it's true that you SHOULD stay in school and educate yourself, but I believe in following your dreams, and the only one who's in your way, is you. I don't have a theoretical musical education nor musical talented family members for that sake. The only "education" I have is piano lessons from age 8-12 and 2yr's vocal coaching... I know... Right now you are thinking “what is your POINT?”, but stay with me! I’ve dealt with naysayers, bullies, doubts, and insecurities. I’ve been signed by two labels and dropped by the same two labels. I’ve been told “no” from ALL other labels I’ve been in contact with, told “no” from people who didn’t wanna work with me, 'cause there simply wasn't "money in it" BUT… I’ve also been in the finals of the most recognized talent competition in the Danish music industry (KarriereKanonen). Got a small portrait made of me by DR3 (Danish state tv) which streamed 832k and I've also reached 323k streams on my first real featuring. I also wanted to quit a million times but then I remember.. Mama didn't raise a quitter, she raised a bad bitch and this bitch has lot of motherf*ckers to prove wrong. xx