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After the breakup of Syracuse, New York noise punk band Shoppers, some of its members came together in an unusual fashion to form the ecstatic punk explosion that would come to be known as Perfect Pussy. Singer Meredith Graves was approached by the director of a big-budget movie called Adult World being shot in Syracuse, who asked her to be in the movie playing the part of a local punk band. Graves assembled what she referred to in interviews as a "fake band" writing one "fake song" for the movie with other ex-members of Shoppers. After the film was done, the fake band slowly morphed into a real band, developing a sound somewhere between the intense pummel of Fucked Up and the exuberant joy of Ponytail, with Graves delivering raw and personal lyrics in a shouted/spoken style. By late 2013 the band had caught the ears of many, playing several much-reported sets at the CMJ festival and releasing a four-song demo cassette entitled I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling. After signing with Captured Tracks, Perfect Pussy issued their official debut album, Say Yes to Love, in March 2014. The album was received well critically and the band spent much of the year touring internationally, eventually issuing a split 7" with Joanna Gruesome as well as a 7" featuring the song "I" from their demo and an unreleased live cut. In 2015, I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling was reissued on vinyl, filled out with two bonus tracks from their Joanna Gruesome split 7". ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi