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Twilight Aura, originally named 'Twilight', was formed in 1993 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In a response to followers' requests, the power metal band reunited in 2020. The single Watching the Sky, produced by Tito Falaschi, was released in April 2021, and the full album is coming soon. The band's themes are focused on the positive aspects of life, aiming to reach out and help lift our spirits. Daíza Munhoz - vocals (SoulSpell, Vandroya) Andre Bastos - guitar (Angra, Skyscraper) Rodolfo Elsas - guitar Filipe Guerra - bass (Revenge, Skyscraper, Wizards) Claudio Reis - drums (Chonps, Skyscraper) Leo Loebenberg - keyboards (Das Fossem) Join us in this glorious journey. We make our dreams come true through music that comes from our hearts.