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1 in 8 of us suffer from tinnitus. What an incredible figure given this is a drastically underfunded and under-supported condition. We want you to know from the beginning of reading this text, through your own tinnitus journey, that you are not alone! Rupert Brown, co-founder of T-Minus began his quest for tinnitus sound therapy and wellness resources from the age of 22 and now, decades on he has launched an app that houses those years of experiences. From first being struck with nine different tinnitus sounds and hyperacusis, through to bringing his symptoms down to one manageable sound and continuing his professional music career. The T-Minus app and supporting resources bring together Rupert’s personal experiences, along with the help and support of hearing professionals, to support your tinnitus wellness journey. Find the t-Minus sound therapy on Spotify and via the T-Minus iOS app.