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It’s difficult to summarise this EP into one paragraph so, (hopefully) without getting too emotional, I will say this… I am a totally different person today then I was when the seeds of this EP began. It is an exploration of life and adulthood, an experience of the sweetest highs and the inevitable lows that often follow. That new kind of loneliness that makes you appreciate how connected you are to the people in your life and how wonderful they are. The resistance to change but the excitement of new experiences. It’s about being wild, crazy and expressive, staying up all night to dance with strangers and creating fantasy world’s in your mind when the parties over. It’s about the wonder of the world and how it escapes us sometimes leaving us feeling lost and chaotic. It’s about always taking the risk but sometimes not being prepared for the downfall. It’s about feeling hopeless in a limitless world but the liberation that comes with pushing the boundaries. It’s about filling your head with gold dust to escape the darkness and pulling out all the Party Trick’s to keep the magic alive.