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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a horror-themed audio storytelling series and a popular YouTube channel of the same name. The YouTube channel, as of June 2018, boasted 217,000+ subscribers and more than 26.4 million cumulative views. CTFDN features a myriad of talented vocal performers and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights was created in 2012 by entrepreneur and author Craig Groshek, and since its inception has endeavored to bring audio theater “back from the dead.” Specializing in the production of audio entertainment, short films and published works spanning a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, the brand is perhaps most well known for its immersive high-quality audio productions, which feature full casts, professional voice acting, high-quality sound effects and customized musical scores. Turn off the lights, and turn on the dark. <br>