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Hi!! My name is Christine Renner. I am a 21 year old indie pop/rock singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. I grew up on rock and roll music. The first song my Dad taught me on guitar was “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, and I knew many Led Zeppelin songs before I even knew who they were. I love writing and performing my original music, and I've been songwriting daily as a form of emotional and spiritual release for the past 10 years. I love water, the city, nature, crying, and music (of course). My newest single, “Drown”, takes you on a journey from the bottom of a dark sea of emotions to a golden sunset of freedom. Reverb, electric guitars, and lulling vocals swim through the mix surrounding the brooding lyrics with an ocean of ethereal sound. I wrote “Drown” as a cry from the depths of my siren soul to find freedom from my self inflicted loneliness. The battle of mental health isn’t easy, but through this song I hope to help people feel less alone in their own struggle. I am preparing to release my 4th studio project “Heartbreaker“ in 2021. Described as “shimmery passion rock”,

my latest music is a time traveling experience with a genuine look into being a young, twenty-something, and the experiences of finding your way through love. With immaculate production by Grammy nominated producer, Chris “Frenchie” Smith, listeners can expect to hear a sound reminiscent of classic rock & roll paired with powerhouse vocals... is it still 1980??