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With an extensive training in classical music since the age of 5 and after having finished an engineering degree, beGun decided in 2012 to break away from everything to devote himself heart and soul to his true passion: music composition. Since then, he has had a few whirlwind years with live performances all around the world, several global media synchs, +20 releases to his credit, +15 million listeners and international press awards & recognition. Born Gunsal Moreno, beGun draws inspiration from his travels over the planet by capturing the atmosphere of the places he visits through his deeply personal blend of cinematic electronica. Approaching music production from a constant multicultural research and creative learning process, he has developed a unique and acclaimed artistic identity regardless of music genres and sound stereotypes. “That such a conceptual statement seems completely natural for him and demonstrates the expressiveness of his style and his sure-footedness as a producer. Those who have been following his work should find it very satisfying yet it makes you long to know where he’ll take his sound next” - Beverly Bryan | Remezcla, NYC “For beGun, music must tell a story, participate in a coherent speech, and this must be always a vehicle for emotion. His music is cutaneous; it gets better the more it breaks through the surface and penetrates through the pores, until it filters into the listener’s blood” - Javier Blánquez | El Mundo, MAD