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So in a way, the seven songs on this album are equally relevant today, and so is the music. With a blend of blues, folk rock and grunge, Rausku knows how to create compelling songs which remind me of people like Bowie, Cave, Dylan or Waits. The whole is quite rough and gritty, somehow perfectly illustrating the mood, or Zeitgeist, the artist was in while writing the songs. I guess protest-songs are a timeless thing. It's hard to pick out a favorite track on this album, but if you make me, I think I'll pick the rocking 'Lipstick Vaccine' or maybe the gloomy 'Sparkling Vision'. Yet, all songs show excellent songwriting skills and a flair for writing timeless protest songs. Although I do recommend this album to all fans of singer songwriter and decent rock music, I hope Rausku doesn't have to release these again in thirty years. I hope by then the world is a better place... Serge/Merchantsofair