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Androgynous, adventurous, avant-garde: Areté. Challenging expectations through art-pop music and provocative visuals, this NYC-born, UK-based artist combines poetic lyrics and evocative choreography with a fresh take on an electronic dance-inspired sound.
A spiritual descendent of rebellious game-changers such as Björk, Patti Smith, Grace Jones, and Laurie Anderson, Areté draws from their background as a director of theatre and film, as well as their experience in Los Angeles’ queer underground scene, to create thought-provoking visuals, cinematic music, and interactive digital art.
Their first single, the entirely self-produced Trip, announces Areté as an innovative performer and storyteller. An enigmatic video drops us into the surreal narrative of Arete’s origin story, introducing us to the many people people living inside of Cassandra’s mind. Cassandra’s evolution into Areté will continue via transmedia narrative, incorporating music and video art, virtual and augmented reality, interactive fiction and immersive live performance.


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