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When Justin Nozuka is asked to describe his music, he uses words like honesty, passion, vulnerability, and true love. These themes have been consistent throughout his decade-plus career as a world-renowned singer-songwriter, but they have never felt quite so poignant or important as they do within the context of our world today. "No One But You", tipped by Complex, Spin and CBC upon release, marked the long-awaited return of Nozuka. It was his first release since the 2018 album, "Run To Waters", and found the artist exploring a new sonic direction, shifting from a folk-minded approach into a world of smoldering, down-tempo R&B/soul.

His new release "summer night o8" mines this new sound with Nozuka fusing his crystalline vocals with magnetic, woozy atmospherics which gravitate around delicate guitars and twinkling, off-kilter percussion.