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Gabriel Martins is a Brazilian musician and composer who have a deep connection with nature, the waters, beaches, etc... which are the main inspiration for his music and life. Since his earliest memories as a child, music was always around, everywhere! And that’s because of his father’s craft. He is Vitor Martins, one of the most prestigious composers in the country, and the biggest Ivan Lins' lyricist. Gabriel's compositions are primarily instrumentals,

ranging from groove oriented ones (with drums, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and lapsteel); to more minimalist and introspective tunes with arrangements for acoustic guitar and cello. His songs travel across different styles, genres (brazilian music, folk, surf, jazz, reggae, rock.) and provide a sensorial experience, evoking moods and vibes with a multitude of timbres, melodies, and harmonies. It has also a tremendous potential for sync as it fits to a wide variety of themes. Gabriel has