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After numerous participations at different projects at Rock & Alternative scene from Buenos Aires and nearby, Tomi Temp decided to give a ride to his solo music and artist persona under the name of L'aintr. With three releases over his shoulders, he presents his latest work A Sincere Apology, a four-song EP that combines a more daring imprint, experimenting new sounds and a radical change in comparison to its predecessors ('Away from My Heart' -Single, 2015; 'Riding in the Attic' EP, 2016). Besides from L'aintr, Tomi Temp is currently a member of MonRoe, while also working through his entrepreneurship ‘White Ball Music’ as a session musician & producer; and in 2021, Tomi Temp announced a self-named profile to release solo music in Spanish. He's also participated as a member of two other duo projects: 'Effen L'aintr', which contains a notorious grunge and post-grunge aura attached to it, unveiling the deepest nerve of his performances (released an album called ‘Oath, Temple and Sins’); and ‘Pandora’, defined by a classic hard-rock groove (with fired-marked influences from 80s and 90s) alongside Kurkox (Juanpi Castelli). To know more about L’aintr, be sure to follow him at Tomi Temp's social media accounts and platforms.