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We live on an island, on an island, here,” they say about the making of Heimwee/Verwee.“Heimwee is often associated with homesickness”, they explain about the track’s Dutch-language title. “Verwee is a longing for travel and distant unknown places”. “It’s a title of longing and total opposites - a longing for home and for adventure,” something sure to resonate with a world now facing isolation and restricted movement, for the foreseeable future. Cloud Sequence explain, these were then “manipulated and stretched” in-studio, upon which “synthesiser, guitar, words and other field recordings and found sounds were then layered”. A powerful poem, spoken by Saar in their mother tongue, completes the overture, reminding us that the world has suddenly become a much bigger, unknown place. Where do we go from here? Cycling through a series of languid movements, the result is a superbly moving, cavernous musical lament – a sonic ‘depth charge’ that spaciously ignites our innermost vulnerabilities around place, belonging and loss. It drones, it throbs. Dissolves. It is the sound of human frailty. Heimwee/Verwee is a lush, moody internal conversation between two thoughtful performers who understand the interdependency between nature and humanity. Likewise, it explores the tenuous, illusory hold we have over certainty and the external world. Watch