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Hollow Engine have been quietly honing their distinct sound since two brothers and an old friend relocated to NYC from their Pennsylvania hometown in 2010. But their shared musical journeys began long before that. Robin and Cory grew up together the sons of a jazz musician, while Kevin and Cory met in high school in 2001 and have been playing music together since. With years of long sessions, improvising jams, the trio has developed a language of performance that is synchronized and especial. The band conveys psychedelic impressions of metropolis through a viscerally human perspective. Placed in context to the band's music, the name Hollow Engine effects images of urban struggle, both personal and societal. All three members have been inspired by 60s and 70s rock, decades of jazz, and past musical scenes from around the world, notably the Brazilian Clube da Esquina movement. These influences are blurred and transformed into a unique aesthetic by the obsession to create something totally new. It's taken the group 5 years to produce their first EP as they've morphed across a spectrum of sounds including country, rock, bossa nova and jazz, to finally arrive at a sound they felt was unique enough to share. The creative process they've arrived at is to be their own nemesis, wriggling under self-inflicted pressures to write and re-write, record and re-record, until the impossible outcome of perfection is achieved. Hollow Engine is the sound of continuous implosion.