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Before I re-joined the band Molly Hatchet that I once founded I played with various souther rock line ups. One of them was the band Skinny Molly that was founded by former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Mike Estes, Pontus J. Back, myself and Nashville drummer Kurt Pietro. I got to spend time with Pontus on the road and also got to know him. Pontus was a real piece of work, he was a lost soul. He was a good natured person, a sensitive person, a kindly person but lost. I am absolutely delighted and I am proud to call him my friend Pontus, that he had a re-birth. Today people get to experience the person that I originally met while we played together in Skinny Molly. The Pontus today and the Pontus of yesterday are so different. He has been cleansed inside and out. He’s got a purpose now and I think that he originally had that agenda inside him the whole time but he took a wrong turn. He berried his problems in booze and in drugs and just trying to go ahead and deal with it that way which was dealing with it not at all. It was making everything worse and his life came to an end. Now that he has found the Lord and has a fellowship with the Lord he has changed and I am still proud to call him my friend. I am glad to see a smile on his face, you can tell that there is a smile on his heart. He is a whole person now. He is not a lost soul anymore and I wish him all good things, always. Dave Hlubek founder & guitarist, Molly Hatchet