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Sons Of Raphael’s story is one that teeters on the brink of mythology and madness; a barely believable mix of the sublime and the fortuitous. It’s a story of angels and devils, of being thrown out of a 250-year-old chapel and welcomed into an Irish bingo hall. Of betting your recording budget on a basketball game, smuggling oil paintings across the border and accidentally setting fire to yourself in The Canary Islands. Navigating the tale's twists and turns like two modern day dandies perched on the bow of a clipper ship, the West London duo have now leapt ashore with their first will and testament in hand: Full Throated Messianic Homage. An album seven years in the making but - as the band themselves put it - “with 2000 years of suffering accumulated within in it”. A four-part hymn to life, death, sin, love and resurrection: Songs for the dead here to save the living.