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GUNYAMA in Aboriginal means “wind from the southwest.” This environmental aerodynamic is a key influence to the project’s motto ‘go where the winds will blow’. By incorporating vibrant synths, spacious guitars and inventive beats, the Dutch alternative act is giving space for their intuitive side. 
 GUNYAMA formed in the winter of 2017. "It started as a boundless experiment…” Harmen recalls “…together, we felt the urge of finding combinations of sounds and sphere which where new to us.” 
 The band successfully participated in various Dutch band competitions. Loved for their surprising use of soundscapes combined with tension building songs, they know how to keep the audience’s attention. 
 Their debut single 'Chihuahua' was released 6th of September 2019. Their second single 'Dance Alone' was released 17th of April 2020. Their latest single 'Gold' was released 6th of November 2020.