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"Every word (whether spoken or sung) that flowed from the depths of her magnificent being, carried the vibration of pure Love and Joy which allowed the Mind to dissolve effortlessly, leaving only presence and peace." Reggie Riverbear is a multi-faceted artist who has been described as a prominent up-and-coming voice for the New Earth. Her artistry emanates grace and joy whether it comes through her unifying, uplifting songs and stories or through the depths of her mystic poetry and visual artistry.

"Reggie, is one of those rare Souls whom after encountering, you realize that your Heart has just been touched by the kiss of the Divine." Her offerings bridge the timeless secrets of the stars with the ancient wisdom of the earth, invoking a childlike sense of wonder that invites the restoration of innocence and beauty into the hearts of all. Reggie’s music, stories and poetry carry a magnetic force that are quickly establishing Riverbear Medicine as a recognized roadmap for the healing, empowerment and upliftment of humanity.