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MuOM is an overtone singing ensemble that creates, researches and performs cross-cultural music for well-being and contemplation. MuOM's music is unique and timeless. Its roots are both ancestral and avant-garde. Rich in clearly audible harmonics and without using words, it exploits the full potential of the human voice in its purest state. MuOM creates soundscapes through slow, sustained polyphonies, the superimposition of their harmonics, the use of visual elements, and an unconventional usage of the stage space. The listener is completely immersed in a real sound bath of sound, often described as a transformative, unforgettable and profound experience. The contemplative nature of his music invites us to pause, to travel inside, to rediscover our subtle perception. MuOM explores the voice in all its sound dimensions using uniquely different vocal techniques. MuOM’s activity extends to all areas of musical creation and dialogues with the fields of training, therapy and scientific research.