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Cross-cultural Sounds இԾ☀️⚫ㅍɷ ⦁   ⦁  ⦁  ☀️ ⚫  ⦁   .   ⚫  ⦁ Adrian Ash travels throughout the course of passages, ancient territories, and dreamy atmospheres. He transforms colors into patterns of melodies, arpeggios and dreamy crescendos while merging it with Jazz, House, Afro, Caribbean, and Folk. With a sensitive taste of music and being exposed to a wide range of styles from a young age, A.Ash has been obsessively collecting sounds, textures, and rhythms from different seas. Sailing across a diverse oasis of instruments from hemispheres that greatly influences his music. Growing up as a percussionist has led Adrian to find and determine his own production path by focusing on Latin, Jazz, R&B, African, House and Middle Eastern elements. This union creates a contagious fusion of the organic and electronic, the physical and the digital. A producer and music curator of old and new melodies and not afraid to push the boundaries of music, Ash can be heard effortlessly bringing together a full range of sounds from all corners of the globe. His extensive exploration of records and notorious productions have amounted to release his first EP "The Promised Land" with Gavinco's label "Satta Records"