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Brujx (they/them) is the brand new solo venture from ex-Muertos vocalist, writer and multi-instrumentalist DeAnna Avis. Pronounced “Brew-hex”, the name derives from the Spanish word “Bruja” – a gender neutral term for “Witch”. Drawing influences from the likes of Fiona Apple, La Muchacha, Gaby Moreno, PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and more, Brujx writes an eclectic array of dark, poetic anthems for outcasts. Their poignant lyrics come straight from the heart and tackle raw issues surrounding mental health and society through lived experience and character study, as well as the mysterious and magical. Brujx is unabashedly queer, a witch, a survivor, an over-sharer, messy and most of all it’s about being true to one’s self and a refusal to live within the constraints of other people’s perceptions.