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Straight out of the hills of British Columbia comes singer/songwriter Leila Neverland.

No screen can stop the oozing of her synodic harmonies, her clairvoyant poetry, and her undulating piano rhythm. Her unreal voice places her amongst the rare few who made song before her like Bjork, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, and Edith Piaf. With her upcoming releases she lands quite squarely beside the likes of Jeanelle Monet, Fiona Apple, and Tom Waits. Over the past few years, she placed an emphasis on developing her performance career close to home whilst successfully raising and homeschooling her two young children. She only recently started travelling East into Alberta and had the honour of gracing festival stages and quintessential West Coast venues. In honour of all the people who are struggling to stay sane, this little woman took the time she was accidentally gifted to create, create, and create. Upcoming releases include a music video, an audiovisual narrative, two singles, a folk EP, and a wild full-length album. Her love magic seeps right through these machines and nothing will ever slow her down. Not even the end of the world. See leilaneverland.com or @leilaneverland on IG for more.