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Steven Gudino and Maddie Barrett are a Dad Hat. They are human beings, but in their essence, together the duo is a hat. For a hat, it’s pretty remarkable that they blend indie, lo-fi, jazz and classic rock influences. 
 Dad Hat is a result of a longtime friendship between Maddie and Steven, who met in college and got their start as a Mac Demarco cover band. Their musical sensibilities were always simpatico, and after merging their talent - Steven’s sad boy lyricism and Maddie’s ear for classical composition - and many late nights in the studio, they began releasing music together. Inspiration for their music has come from all over the world- eating messy crepes by Notre Dame, listening to the birds chirping in Hawaii, and most of all: heartbreak! Dad Hat is just trying to have a good time, and sound good doing it. 
 Photo Credit: Biata Shem-Tov, Connie Edward Photography, Jonathan Joei, Sophie Gragg