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Opposites do more than attract. Their fusion generates friction and sparks energy. Representing opposing sides of the spectrum, Kristin Sanchez [DJ, producer, engineer] and Desereé Fawn Zimmerman [drums, guitar, vocals] comprise one dynamic and diverse whole in Dance Loud. The Chicago duo co-mingles Fawn’s live instrumentation steeped in classical training with Sanchez’s electronic production and DJ wizardry. Acclaimed by Chicago Tribune and sharpened into a live force via countless shows since their 2008 formation, the pair push the full potential of this union on their 2020 independent full-length debut, The Moment. “Duality seems to be a constant theme in our life together,” states Kristin. “We’re each other’s creative opposite. Desereé is a total metalhead with jazz and gospel roots. I’ve always been into bouncy club music and started out as a Latin and soulful DJ. When you put us together, you get Dance Loud. The Moment reflects both halves where the beginning of the track listing is more like me, and the bottom half is super emotional like Desereé. The one thing that never changed is the fact we really like high tempos. It’s the midnight BPM at 128.” “We call it ‘Emotional Dance Music’,” adds Desereé. “You can experience it together, but it’s almost meant to be heard alone.”