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Hey, it’s Connor 👋 I toyed with the idea of writing this bio in third-person to make it sound really professional, but it didn’t seem very me 😅 The boring history bit: I learnt the guitar about 15 years ago, and then the piano (ish) after that. Once I had the basics down, I started casually writing and playing music with my mate Ryan (Nervous Estate) - one day we’ll get round to releasing something under our supergroup “Underwater Wilson”… 👀 I’ve been writing on/off in my own time for years since - stockpiling songs that one day will see the light of day. I write, record and play all the instruments on my tracks, and produce it all on my laptop from my bedroom. I've often struggled with releasing what I make, kind of thinking it "incomplete", or not as perfect as I envisage it in my head. But I guess the reality is that I'm a bedroom musician: my stuff is always going to be a little rough around the edges, and I now like to think it gives it a certain something 😊 “Melancholy, with a touch of reverb and delay” is probably how I’d describe my music, that probably comes from my influences: artists like Editors, The National and Elbow. I write music that I want to listen to, and I hope you enjoy and get something out of it. I’m currently writing/recording/stressing over more singles that will release throughout 2021, forming a small album later this year. I best get cracking…