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For 25 years now, Danjo has been an integral part of the electronic music scene in the Rhine-Neckar region. Whether as an organiser or as a DJ, he enjoys great popularity among his loyal fan community due to his very own definition of electronic music. Starting at the tender age of 15 mid 90s, he started playing driving techno and playful breakbeats at his first private parties. This was followed by countless party projects in the entire Rhine-Neckar region, and over the years he has played in clubs and open airs in the entire Rhine-Neckar region, throughout Germany and abroad. This speaks for a lot of experience and the right touch to play the right record at the right time. His open way of enjoying the moment with the dancers and turning the night into something better is appreciated every time with frenetic celebrations. With Danjo, you always have to be prepared for something out of the ordinary, and for him there is nothing better than seeing the moment of surprise reflected in the smiling faces of the revellers. Since 2020, he has been intensively working on his own production style again and together with his friend, studio partner and production mentor Gorge, their first joint ep -DICA- was released on Radiant in 2021. The beginning of continuous releases has thus been a success... Whether as a DJ, producer or as a personality, you can't pigeonhole him anymore.... he has created his own pigeonhole! Danjo in your ear... in your brain!!!