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Common Hymnal has been working these past few years to create something special.
 As today’s generation engages less and less in the ‘overground’ church, we have been investing in the spiritual underground, building out a virtual library to facilitate a vibrant and ongoing exchange of songs, stories and ideas between the various communities in this space. In so doing, we hope to help God’s people prepare for the future. 
 History teaches us that the future starts at the margins: Jesus being a case in point. Therefore, we have ‘treasure hunted’ the uttermost extremities of the faith to stock this library with quality content, steering clear of cliches and spiritual fads in an effort to contribute meaningfully to a culture that values thoughtfulness and honesty. A recurring theme: praise and protest. 
 We are purposefully not pursuing a footprint in the current CCM/worship sub-culture, but are working, slowly and carefully, to coalesce a new demographic, serious Christ followers who find themselves on the outskirts as a result of not fully connecting with mainstream Christian culture. 
 Therefore, we have started building out an online community for creatives to meet, learn from and collaborate with each other. 
 If you would like to help us coalesce the uncoalesced and build the emerging ecosystem, please join us at