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William Control

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Posted By William Control

It takes a one-of-a-kind, captivating artist to create not only a fervent cult audience but a full-blown musical movement, which exactly the legacy former Aiden vocalist William Control has left with this solo electronic project.

It’s from Control’s punk foundations, that his dark style and what he calls "The Neuromantic Movement" rose. The goal: to manipulate a long-held “against-the-world” attitude to provide new sanctuary for the outcast. In Control's often sexy, violent, emotional Neuromantic Music, you’d find no spit, but rather sensual salivation over exposed flesh and a novel way to dance.

“Neuromantic music dug up what everyone’s parents got into in the ‘80s and gave it to this generation,” explained writer Evelyn Hollow of Control's sound.

Using punk's independent ethos, Control propelled his project beyond all obstacles they faced over their 9 years in such a powerful way that what Control described as his once-snubbed “dark, moody, @New Order-ish ‘80s synth-pop” formally became impossible to dismiss as his final EPs The Pale, The Black, The Red and The White went all the way to the No.1 spots on the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts, sending the artist off with a bang.

William Control officially announced he would no longer continue with the project on October 27, 2017. William now heads up Control Records (Lay Your Ghost, Black Blinds, LVCI, The Secret Post) and clothing companies Control Merch and Submit Clothing.


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