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'Chris Lopez Band' or 'CLB' was

formed in 2005 and Chris performs full-time acoustic solo & with his band in San Antonio, TX. Chris has 25 years experience of singing & guitar playing under his belt. His influence is a very wide range of great music from artists such as John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana for guitar and vocals. His voice is reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Jim Morrison, Joe Cocker, Otis Redding and Bob Marley, to name a few. Chris performs with soul and bears his heart on his sleeve every time he takes the stage. His experience in the music and rock & roll scene for years has inspired quite a lot to say in his own art. His original music comes from life experience of ups and downs, our greater calling as people, relationships, daily woes of people inner issues (as music has been a constant medicine for his own anxieties), break-ups, loss, life and ultimately love. You genuinely feel that Chris's musical message is to people who struggle or have struggled. The message is to uplift the meek spirits. To humble those who need to hear it (psst...all of us). To inspire life and love for others. To conquer your inner demons and cast them out so that you can help those who feel that they have no way out. To show humility in all that you do. This is all in the hope that it inspires you to lift people up in all walks of life and be a beacon. And to each individual listener, to pick yourself up when you are down.