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mono mono, Danish electronic pop duo, Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck have developed a distinct sound which simultaneously offers deep ambient tones, melodic saxophone notes complimented with smooth high range vocals. Predicted to have a prosperous future, Wonderland Magazine coined the duo as “the new masters of ambient synth”, a title the pair proved to be true during their complete live performance at the SPOT festival. In 2018 mono mono released their debut EP Natural that has been described as “a sensual collection of five songs, captivating with their on-point beats, soothing vocals, and seductive saxophone. An absolutely hypnotic audio experience!” - Nordic by Nature With the duo’s distinct sound and clear visual identity, they’re projected to achieve success, already seen as a “scandinavian name you should keep an eye on” by Bands of Tomorrow, Scandinavia Standard, NBHAP, and “Top five promising Danish artist in 2018” by JaJaJa!
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