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We live in modern times, in an era of technological advances and big inventions, where everything is constantly available; everyone is accessible and always connected. People from all over the world communicate with each other over the World Wide Web, and we control a large part of our daily lives with our smartphones. It's actually ironic that in this age of carelessness, we still suffer from a seemingly banal sickness: heartbreak. On Sunrise Avenue’s fifth album, the Finnish pop-rock superstars analyse why we seem to have forgotten how to be happy and satisfied. Welcome to "Heartbreak Century"! Together with three different producers, Samu Haber (vocals, guitar), Raul Ruutu (bass) Sami Osala (drums) and Riku Rajamaa (guitar) worked on "Heartbreak Century" for almost twelve months. In addition to long-standing, regular producer Jukka Immonen, tracks were recorded in Berlin, Helsinki and Stockholm with Nicolas Rebscher from Germany (Adel Tawil, Alice Merton) and 25-year-old Swede, Victor Thell (Alessia Cara, Alexander Brown).