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Hi there, I am ZiZa, a singer, songwriter and producer based in the south of Germany. My music is influenced by a wide range of genres and vibes from Pop and Jazz to EDM combined with the sounds of Central Asia. I don't like to categorise my music, I mix different genres and tell my honest stories. 
 My new song "Don't Let Me Go" is a song about communicating with each other. Very often, people refuse to talk about their fears, about how they really feel when it comes to any relationship. Sometimes it’s easier to keep it to yourself than telling another person about what you’re going through. Sometimes you hurt someone who cares about you and make them leave you. “Tell me what you feel, please talk to me, I wish I could read your mind”. It's an ambient pop song with some ethno vibes. You're welcome to follow my journey on my social media channels 🤍